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Simulate a new loan

Select the type of loan you would like to simulate.

Fixed-rate loan. The traditional type of loan, with a fixed interest rate and regular payments.

Adjustable-rate loan. A loan with an adjustable (or variable) interest rate and a curve to model the changes in interest rates.

Graduated payment loan. A fixed-rate loan with several different payment increments, each with a different payment amount (includes deferred payment plans).

Smoothed-payment loan. A fixed-rate loan that combines the different payments due on one or more loans, in order to obtain a combined, constant payment amount.

Interest-only loan. A loan where the principal is repaid in a single lump sum (balloon payment) at the end of the loan.

Additional fees (processing fees, insurance) are not included when the loan terms are initially entered. They may subsequently be added afterwards from the Loan Fees page.

Adjustable payment loans This is a typically fixed-rate loan for which the bank authorises changes in the payment amount (within certain limits). To simulate this type of loan, enter a fixed-rate loan, then change the payment amounts accordingly.

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