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Notice : This site will close permanently in January 2018.
However, you can continue to use Calcamo, only in French, from this url.

Calculate a borrowing capacity

Enter the desired amount for each payment and the annual interest rate, and select a loan duration range from the drop-down box. After you click on “Calculate”, a results table will be displayed showing the principal that can be borrowed for each duration within the range.

  Calculate a borrowing capacity  
  Amount of each payment : $  
  Annual interest rate : %  
  Loan duration :  
  Type of calculation : Monthly payment based on a simple interest rate  

Guide to using this form

• The borrowing capacity calculation allows you to determine how much principal you can borrow at different payment amounts.

• The default calculation is performed for monthly payments and a simple interest rate. To change these settings, select the “Advanced entry” box. Note that this feature requires that JavaScript be enabled in your brower.

• After you click on “Calculate”, a variation table will appear below. Click on any of the figures in the variation table to recalculate the results table with small +/– changes in the interest rate and payment amount.

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