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Payment schedule graph

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 Demonstration - Fixed rate 
 Borrowed amount : $100,000.00 First payment : 01/01/2018  
 Initial duration : 20 years Last payment : 12/01/2037  
 Effective duration : 20 years Number of payments : 240  
 Frequency : Monthly Total interest : $58,388.59  
 Type of interest rate : Simple interest Total fees : $0.00  
Date Number of payments Payment amount Annual interest rate  
01/01/2018 240 $659.96 5.00 %  
 Note: You are currently in demo mode. To use this feature with your own data, please create a new loan and then return to this page.   Enter a new loan  
Loan management

Calculated graph


The graph displays the payment schedule for the selected loan. The x-axis represents time, marked in months or years depending on the loan’s duration. The y-axis represents the amounts borrowed or repaid, marked in either thousands or millions, as appropriate.

The graph provides a visual representation of the cost of the loan. The axis on the left indicates the capital borrowed, while the axis on the right indicates the total amount repaid: interest + principal + if applicable, fees.

Note in particular that the point where the capital outstanding line crosses the principal (or capital repaid) line represents the point where half of the loan has been repaid. Depending upon the interest rate, this point will lie somewhere between the middle and right-hand side of the graph.

This type of graph is not well-suited for interest-only loans.

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