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 Demonstration - Fixed rate 
 Borrowed amount : $100,000.00 First payment : 01/01/2018  
 Initial duration : 20 years Last payment : 12/01/2037  
 Effective duration : 20 years Number of payments : 240  
 Frequency : Monthly Total interest : $58,388.59  
 Type of interest rate : Simple interest Total fees : $0.00  
Date Number of payments Payment amount Annual interest rate  
01/01/2018 240 $659.96 5.00 %  
 Note: You are currently in demo mode. To use this feature with your own data, please create a new loan and then return to this page.   Enter a new loan  

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A deferred payment occurs when one or more payments are not made on the due date. However this is not a gift from your bank! Interest is still accrued, and because it is not paid, it serves to increase the capital outstanding. Therefore the total duration of the loan is extended.

Enter the number of payments to be deferred and the date of the first deferred payment

Guide to the information required

• The drop-down list provides for a maximum of 24 payments to be deferred. If this is not enough, select 24, then enter another deferred payment operation immediately following this one.

• The drop-down list of proposed payment dates runs from the first payment date (or the first payment after the last operation performed on the loan) to the penultimate payment.

• The “Fee amount” field can be left at zero.

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