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Manage loan or insurance fees

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 Demonstration - Fixed rate 
 Borrowed amount : $100,000.00 First payment : 01/01/2018  
 Initial duration : 20 years Last payment : 12/01/2037  
 Effective duration : 20 years Number of payments : 240  
 Frequency : Monthly Total interest : $58,388.59  
 Type of interest rate : Simple interest Total fees : $0.00  
Date Number of payments Payment amount Annual interest rate  
01/01/2018 240 $659.96 5.00 %  
 Note: You are currently in demo mode. To use this feature with your own data, please create a new loan and then return to this page.   Enter a new loan  

Enter the loan fees

  Data entry form  
  Processing fees  
  Amount : $  
  Fixed-amount fees  
  Amount : $  
  Type :
  Fixed fee as % of amount borrowed  
  Interest rate : %  
  Type :
  Variable fee as % of capital outstanding  
  Interest rate : %  
  Type :

Use this form to enter any fees associated with the loan. These may be bank fees or insurance fees.

Processing fees – These are fees charged by a bank that are usually deducted automatically when the money is released. In the simulation, they are included in the payment schedule starting from the first payment.

Fixed/variable fees – These fees are added to the payment amount. You can enter an annual fee or a fee to be applied to each payment.

All the above fields must be completed. If you do not want to use a particular fee, leave its value at zero.

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