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Notice : This site will close permanently in January 2018.
However, you can continue to use Calcamo, only in French, from this url.

Modify your display preferences

Use the form below to change the currency and date format settings

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Guide to using this form

• The currency symbol and its position next to the amount are for indication only. They play no role in the calculations, and are only displayed for certain totals. Changing the currency symbol does not automatically change the number of decimals used.

• However, the number of currency decimals is crucial to ensure that monetary amounts are rounded appropriately.

• The format setting for monetary amounts establishes how numbers will be formatted when displayed on the screen. Only the decimal separator is used when numbers are entered; the thousands separator is ignored.

• The format setting for dates establishes how they are entered and displayed. Depending on your selection, the date of December 31, 2000 may be displayed as 31/12/2000, 12/31/2000, or 2000-12- 31.

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